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Air Push One-touch Fittings Male Elbow OPL


● Fluid: Air (no other gases and liquids can be used)
● Max. operating pressure: 0.9MPa (9.18kgf/cm2)
● Negative pressure: -100kPa (10Torr)
● Temperature range: 0 to 60℃
● Applicable tube material: Polyurethane and Nylon
● Make sure that required conditions for use (or specifications) are satisfied. Otherwise, the joint itself may be damaged and an air leak may occur.
【Usage considerations】
● When you install a tube to the fitting, make sure to securely insert until it touch the end. After inserted, try pull out the tube lightly to confirm that it will not come off.
● Wrong installation may cause air leakage or looseness of the tube.

Detail Information
Manufacturer FLOBAL
Product Code Model Code Applicable tube outside diameter ΦD Screw (R)
16000141 OPL 04M5 M5×0.8
16000142 OPL 04M6 M6×1.0
16000143 OPL 0401 1/8
16000144 OPL 0402 1/4
16000145 OPL 06M5 M5×0.8
16000146 OPL 06M6 M6×1.0
16000147 OPL 0601 1/8
16000148 OPL 0602 1/4
16000149 OPL 0603 3/8
16000150 OPL 0801 1/8
16000151 OPL 0802 1/4
16000152 OPL 0803 3/8
16000153 OPL 1001 1/8
16000154 OPL 1002 1/4
16000155 OPL 1003 3/8
16000156 OPL 1004 1/2
16000157 OPL 1202 1/4
16000158 OPL 1203 3/8
16000159 OPL 1204 1/2
16000160 OPL 1603 3/8
16000161 OPL 1604 1/2

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