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SUS forged threaded flange FF type <V10TF>

Product Description

Screw-in type flange


● Applicable standard: Complies with JIS B0203 for threads, and JIS B2220 for flanges
● SUS F304

Detail Information
Manufacturer FLOBAL
Product Code Model Code Thread (Rc)
14100181 V10TF-FF-04 1/2
14100182 V10TF-FF-06 3/4
14100183 V10TF-FF-08 1"
14100184 V10TF-FF-10 1"1/4
14100185 V10TF-FF-12 1"1/2
14100186 V10TF-FF-16 2"
14100187 V10TF-FF-20 2"1/2
14100188 V10TF-FF-24 3"
14100189 V10TF-FF-32 4"

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