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FLOBAL CORPORATION has over 100 years of business experience as a supplier of piping / tubing components and parts. We began with a focus on providing plumbing parts for manufacturing industries and have grown to where we now offer over 200,000 items, including our own private brand of stainless steel valves and fittings. We also import and sell hose clamps made in England and Germany. The majority of our clientele consists of manufacturers who produce machines for various industries in Japan, including the automotive, construction, and hydraulic/pneumatic equipment fields.

Our edge is our experience and competitiveness. With an extensive line up of products, low prices, and exceptional quality, we are able to help optimize our clients’ parts procurement operations. Our timely delivery service, utilizing our own tried and tested logistics, has been well received and has gained the trust of our customers.

Company Facts

Headquarters 6th Floor, Osaka YM Bldg 7-15-26 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka 553-0003 Japan
Incorporated 1946 (Founded 1910)
Business Lines Trade and manufacture specializing in plumbing parts and components, including connectors, valves and metal fittings for hoses.
Sales offices Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Sendai, Niigata, Saitama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka
Company Facts


1910 Okada Seisakusho was established in Kitaku Osaka Japan.
The company started manufacturing valves and cocks.
1927 Developed Iron grease cup in-house by staming technology.
1928 "NELSON grease cup" become a registered trademark design.
1944 Corporate reorganization
1946 Changed name to Okada-Sangyo corporation and business type to machine tool whole seller. Specialized Trading Company
1955 Started selling pluming parts and fittings.
1960 Opened sales offices in Tokyo and major cities throughout Japan.
1964 Moved headquarters to Fukushima-ku Osaka Japan.
1980 Started importing and selling hose clamps made in England and Germany.
(U.K) JCS Hi-Torque.,Ltd (Germany) NORMA Group Holdings
1996 Started selling stainless steel threaded pipe fittings as first PB. Fabless / E-Commerce
2003 Tubing & Piping components catalog was published.
2004 Received ISO9001 certification first and ISO14001, ISO27001 certifications thereafter.
2008 Changed name to Flobal corporation.
Opened e-commerce site ""
2009 Opened web order site "RAKUNET" to existing customers in distribution industry.
2012 Opened a distribution center in Yao, Osaka
2013 Established Flobal Korea Co.,Ltd in Korea.
2014 Established Flobal (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd in China
2015 Opened a second distribution center in Gyoda, Saitama
Started selling tools & goods brand PROSTYLE TOOL as second PB
2016 Opened e-commerce site "".