Privacy policy

Flobal Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Flobal"), recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and compliance with the laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information. In addition, Flobal has established the following policy on the protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy"), and informed all its employees that they must make every effort to protect personal information.

In the case of access from outside Japan, Handling of personal information shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Definition of Terms

In this Policy, the following terminology is used according to the meanings given below.

  1. Customer: Individuals, corporations, and other organizations or business sites who take advantage of the services our company provides.
  2. Personal Information: Information about the corporations, organizations, and business offices in which the Customer is an employee or a member, and includes the name of the corporation, the department name, the name of the person in charge, the e-mail address, the address, the telephone and facsimile numbers, the bank account settlement information, browsing history on our website, as well as the details of inquiries, quotes and order history.

Control of Personal Information

In order to maintain the Personal Information of Customers adequately and prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration or leaks, Flobal takes the security measures necessary. These steps include but are not limited to the construction of data bases, arrangements for maintenance and control of its security systems, as well as thorough education of its employees, in order to control all Personal Information in a strict fashion.

Collection of Personal Information

In providing our services, we obtain Personal Information from our Customers and users as specified below.

  1. Information arbitrarily provided by the Customer to Flobal when the Customer uses our service, such as when a Customer registers on our website, submits answers in a questionnaire, requests our catalogs, or inquires or contacts us concerning our products as well as other services and information provided to us whenever the customer uses our service.
  2. Customer information obtained or accumulated when they browse our website, search for keywords, download drawings, request a quote, or place orders.
  3. Customer information obtained or stored automatically using internet technology, such as cookies, when a Customer uses our website.

Use of personal information

Personal Information we obtain about Customers and users is used for the following purposes.

  1. Invite Customers to our business activities and events.
  2. Sales and shipping of our products, related after-sales services, various promotional activities, including notifications of our products and services, and various marketing activities including questionnaires.
  3. For communication to and confirmation from the Customers about inquiries made to Flobal.
  4. Asking Customers their opinions about and impressions of our products and services.
  5. We conduct research and prepare statistical materials about the Customer's purchasing / behavior patterns, etc., to provide the optimum products and services to each Customer, based on information obtained from browsing our website, Customer registration, promotion activities, marketing activities, log analysis of servers, etc.

Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

Except for the following cases, we do not provide Personal Information to any third parties.

  1. When the information is needed for handling orders, shipping, and settling payments for our products.
  2. When we consign maintenance, operation, marketing activities, or promotional activities to an external contractor, we disclose Personal Information to these contractors only after they sign a contract not to use the Personal Information for anything other than the operations requested by us.
  3. We provide certain information on condition that it cannot be used to identify individuals, such as when compiling marketing statistical data.
  4. When required by law or regulation to disclose the information.
  5. In an emergency, such as to protect humans’ lives, and it would be difficult to obtain consent from the Customer.
  6. Received a consent from the Customer.

In any of the cases above, Flobal requires all third parties to handle the Personal Information appropriately, and instructs them that they must comply with this Policy and all other laws and regulations concerning the protection of Personal Information.

Disclosing, modifying, and deleting Personal Information

If Flobal is requested by the Customer to disclose, modify, or delete a Customer’s Personal Information, Flobal does so promptly and acts in good faith. If you want to make a request concerning your personal information, please contact us as follows. The actual cost of disclosing information may be charged separately.

Contact details for requesting the disclosure, modification or deletion of a Customer’s Personal Information.
Customer personal information desk, the General Affairs Division of Flobal Corporation.

Cookies and access log

  1. Cookies

    Cookies are a means of saving the history of use and any user entered details of the communication between a web server and the user’s internet browsing program (browser) as a file on the users’ PC whenever they access a page of a website. If a customer allows cookies to be used in their browser, Flobal will obtain the cookies it has stored on the customer’s PC, and may link the customer’s personal information and behavioral history (URLs accessed, contents, and/or reference orders) to the Flobal server. Flobal may refer to cookies stored on a customer’s PC, for advertising our businesses and providing product news. For your information, the cookies and behavioral history do not contain a Customer’s Personal Information (name, phone numbers, etc.).

  2. Access log

    On our Flobal website, we automatically collect the IP addresses that customers use when connecting to the Internet and they are saved in an access log (access history) on the website server. These access logs are used for analyzing access to our website, for providing our services in an optimum way to each customer, for detecting unauthorized access, and/or for countermeasures to prevent operational failures. For your information, customers’ Personal Information is not stored in the access logs.

  3. Use of SSL

    Flobal uses an encryption technology called “Secure Sockets Layer” (SSL) on our web pages to send and receive personal information and handle inquiries.

Revision of our privacy policy

Flobal reviews, modifies and tries to improve this policy while complying with changes in the laws and other regulations. When Flobal revises the contents of this Policy, we post a notice to that effect on our website.

This policy was established on October 1, 2016
Yoshitaka Okada, President
Flobal Corporation