Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Flobal Corporation, we carry out the wholesales business of our Private Brand like piping and tubing components and tools, business of manufacturning industries and Retail Sales Business for constoructors. We sincerely recognize that all of our customer's Personal Information is the most important information to form Privacy, when handling the information, We established our in-hosue regulation to protect your Personal Data and compliance based on Japanese laws and regulations. Moreover we will set up the organization to strive to protect the Personal Data, so that we will earn the trust for us.

To collect, use and supply privacy

We identify the purpose of use of Personal Information within the range of our business activities, then we collect, use and supply your data correctly and properly to achieve our goals. We will use our best endeavor to take possible measures to ensure that your Personal Data will not be used for any other purpose.


We do comply with all Japanese laws and regulations regarding Personal Information, as well as all guidelines which the government makes. And we ensure that all possible efforts are made to protect your Personal Data.

To manage the Personal Information

We recognize the risks such as unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsifying and leakage, etc. of Personal Information. We implement reasonable and adequate countermeasures, but if a problem arises, we shall take all necessary measures.

Customer supports

In case of we receive your inquiry regarding disclosure, revision, suspension of use and complaining for your Personal Information, we shall be handled with immediately.

Continuous improvement

We improve continuously, such as maintain a regulation and administration system, ensure all employees share this matter and periodically reviewed.

Established October 1st, 2016
Revision November 13th, 2018

Flobal Corporation
President : Yoshitaka Okada

< contact regarding Personal Information >
Inquiries Counter about Personal Information
Manager of Affairs Division
TEL +81-(0)6-6457-2680(Direct)

Regarding the Personal Information

We strive to protect your Personal Data based on privacy policy. Regarding your data which we collect and keep for our business activities, and be notified as below,

  1. The name of Handling Operating Company

    Flobal Corporation

  2. The person in charge of Personal Information protection

    Name : Management Department System Group / Manager
    TEL : +81-(0)6457-2680 ( direct )

  3. The purpose of use of Personal Information

    The purpose of use for our business activities is followings,

    ①Personal Data to disclose
    The type of data Purpose of use
    Employee data to use for controlling employee(duties, labor, personal management, salary and welfare program )
    Personal data of job seekers to use for seek ( Personal Data that wish to be considered for potential employment, hiring, and contacting )
    Personal Data of retiring employees to contact and use for retiring person who has inquiries
    Corporate information to manage duties, contact and payments
    Personal Data of membership registration to send our catalogue and reply for inquiries. To provide goods and service of customer’s request such as selling, repair and after-service. We investigate customer’s order and behavioral pattern and will provide more better goods and service through information about register Personal Data and sales promotion.
    The Personal Data who has inquiry to reply the inquiry
    The Personal Data or representative to reply for inquiry

    The other purpose of use

    ②The other Personal Data
    Type of the Personal Data The purpose of use
    The Personal Data through advisory business operation contacting about contract, business operation
    The data from Job Board To judge and inform about propriety of Job seekers
  4. The contact about Personal Information

    For any complaint, consultation and inquiry regarding handling with Personal Information including disclosure the information, please kindly contact us as below.

  5. The authorized Personal Information protection organization


  6. The procedure of disclosure

    Regarding disclosure of Personal Information, we handle with your request (notice of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition and deletion of Personal Data, suspension of use and suspension of supply to third party ). If you would like to need, we will handle with reasonable period and range after confirming.

  7. How to contact with us

    Please kindly contact at the following ways when you would like to ask us to disclose Personal Data. Once we receive your inquiry, we will send “ Personal Information Disclosure Request Form” via mail, FAX or e-mail so that please send back to us required documentation. ( please kindly note that you will cover the mailing fee ) We will confirm that you are the individual then we will reply to you issuing document.

    Name : Inquiries Counter about Personal Information
    The person in charge of responsibility : Manager of Affairs Division
    Address : Osaka YM Building, 7-15-26, Fukushima, Fukushima-Ku, Osaka City, 553-0003
    Tel: +81-(0)6-6457-2691 Fax:+81-(0)6-6457-2690