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Stainless steel both long nipple <SUS304VLNiO> <VLNiO>


● This valve nipple is used in the plumbing of fire-fighting connections indoors, indoor sprinkling equipment and foam fire-extinguishing plumbing, including sprinklers, as well as for general gas plumbing, general pneumatic plumbing, to supply compressed air to individual facilities from a compressor, general air conditioning plumbing, plumbing for fluids sent to for various machines, sheathed plumbing, to protect parts and wires for structural reasons, and as construction material such as hand rails and fences.
● This nipple is used for relatively low pressure water, oil, steam and compressed air plumbing.
● Sealing force: Pneumatic pressure of 0.5MPa (approx. 5kgf/cm2) or less
● Withstand pressure: Water pressure of 2.5MPa (approx. 25kgf/cm2) or less
【Material】Stainless steel pipe (SUS304TP)
【Usage considerations】
● 1. Clean the threads and the inside of the pipe before making any connections. Foreign matter, including dirt, may cause leaks or blockages.
● 2. Pay attention not to let the sealing tape or other objects enter the pipes.
● 3. Do not use this product in any way not specified in the instructions for use.
● 4. Be careful not to tighten the parts using excessive torque.

Detail Information
Manufacturer Japan procurement items
Product Code Model Code Nominal diameter Outside diameter (mm) Thickness(mm) Total length(mm)
00389053 SUS304VNiO-15A×600 15A(1/2B)
00389054 SUS304VNiO-15A×700 15A(1/2B)
00389055 SUS304VNiO-15A×800 15A(1/2B)
00389056 SUS304VNiO-15A×900 15A(1/2B)
00389057 SUS304VNiO-15A×1250 15A(1/2B)
00389058 SUS304VNiO-15A×1750 15A(1/2B)
00389059 SUS304VNiO-20A×600 20A(3/4B)
00389060 SUS304VNiO-20A×700 20A(3/4B)
00389061 SUS304VNiO-20A×800 20A(3/4B)
00389062 SUS304VNiO-20A×900 20A(3/4B)
00389063 SUS304VNiO-20A×1250 20A(3/4B)
00389064 SUS304VNiO-20A×1750 20A(3/4B)
00389065 SUS304VNiO-25A×1250 25A(1B)
00389066 SUS304VNiO-25A×1750 25A(1B)
00389067 SUS304VNiO-32A×1250 32A(1"1/4B)
00389068 SUS304VNiO-32A×1750 32A(1"1/4B)
00389069 SUS304VNiO-40A×1250 40A(1"1/2B)
00389070 SUS304VNiO-40A×1750 40A(1"1/2B)
00389071 SUS304VNiO-50A×1250 50A(2B)
00389072 SUS304VNiO-50A×1750 50A(2B)

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