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With over 110 years of experience specializing in piping, fittings, and equipment in Japan, Flobal has been fastidious about the quality and performance of its products. Combing the world over for the best products in their category, we have spent this time to make sure to offer our customers the satisfaction of purchasing with the peace of mind that they are absolutely getting the best value. We are steadfast in our commitment to improve and adapt to ever-changing customer needs. In addition to the rigorous testing performed by our factory partners, we have our own in-house quality control department to source and test new products, while maintaining the level of quality our customers have grown accustomed to with our existing lineup. In this way, we have become known to manufacturers, suppliers, and end users in Japan for the provision of components superior in quality to the competition while keeping costs low.

Introduced in Japan almost 65 years ago, the ductless mini split air conditioner is a staple in nearly all residential homes and small commercial settings.  For nearly as long, Flobal has been proudly supplying mini split air conditioning installation parts of the highest quality standards at an affordable price, all over Japan. Introduced in the US only 35 years ago, where central air conditioning still reigns, we offer our selection backed by extensive experience and expertise to you now that you’re making the smart decision to explore the environment and budget friendly benefits of ductless air conditioning. You can rest assured that Flobal products will save you time, money, and stress in the installation of your mini split air conditioning system.