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The Home Evolution

by Reina Okada 03 Jul 2023
The Home Evolution

For better or for worse, the pandemic has definitely changed the way we live and where we live. The evolution for alternate living spaces was long underway when tiny houses and minimalist living became a movement as a step towards sustainability and eco-responsibility. But navigating the pandemic has made us more conscious of our environment, economic health, mental and physical well-being. We now live in a world where seemingly endless lockdowns are possible and the rise of energy and living costs is alarming. We had always anticipated a trajectory for remote work and now that has accelerated and many of us have our office in our homes. Instead of buying bigger homes, we are down-sizing and adding to or improving the spaces that we already own. We are sharing our spaces for our loved ones to live with us.

If you watch any of the countless DIY renovation shows on TV, you are probably not a stranger to the plethora of possibilities of living spaces being created from unconventional structures and vehicles. She sheds have followed suit of man caves, old school buses are re-purposed as mobile homes, and shipping container floor plans have joined the ranks with prefab modular homes.

The ductless mini split air conditioning system is the perfect solution for cooling and heating all of these alternative living spaces---individual rooms, room additions, sun rooms, garages, basements, sheds, shipping containers, houseboats, yurts, Airstreams…you name it! So, turn that unused shed into an office, yoga studio, guest house, or home gym. Whatever you’re planning, we have everything you need to install a mini split to keep the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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